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Beyond banking

Is there an opportunity for banks to go beyond banking in the UAE?

Financial services

Growth in insurance market requires business diversification

Expanding beyond traditional insurance core business to new opportunities and models

Maturity in the insurance market is forcing players to explore business opportunities beyond their traditional core to ensure growth in an evolving environment that is highly influenced by new technological trends and consumer habits. Traditionally, insurance companies have focused on maximizing...
Financial services

Value drivers for green banking

ESG and sustainable finance move to center stage

Financial services, Sustainability

Why now is the time for banks to strategically review their IT spend

To deliver the future of banking, managing IT spend needs a new approach

IT spend is on the rise for banks. To deliver the future of banking, managing IT spend needs a new approach. Based on our experience and research from the past economic crisis, the most mature IT organizations responded faster during the downturn. IT total spend management is a crucial part of the...
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The game is changing

New rules reshaping wealth management

With its high price-to-earnings multiples and solid fundamentals, wealth management remains the most attractive banking segment. However, with revenue margins falling inexorably in past years, it’s evident that wealth managers have been struggling to realize the full potential of their client...
Financial services

ESG – The irreversible mega-trend

Why ESG and sustainable finance are the new normal for financial institutions

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainable finance can no longer be thought of as nonessential niceties. They are game changers that together will reshape the financial services industry. As such, they will become a driving force behind banking, their impact felt both broad and...
Financial services

Non-performing loan management

Best practices and implications for non-performing loan management and setting up a workout unit

Financial services

Bold choices ahead – transforming banks to win

Banks should become the economic lever corporations and consumers need to survive the pandemic

Financial services

Beyond cost efficiencies in shared service centers

Alternative focus to maximize shared service center value generation

Financial services, Operations management

Open banking: The beginning of a new era

Due to digital disruption, an important dichotomy erupts: banks have more interaction with customers than ever, but customers have many more choices to fulfill their financial needs. As customers prefer choices and experience over being locked into single suppliers, banks need to transform into...
Financial services